Meet the Team

When you combine so many technical and design talents, you know great things will happen. Our team is creative, multinational, multi-discipline, experienced and thorough.
Paul Stupkin
Paul Stupkin Managing Director
Specialized in leadership, education, training and certification
Karolis Papeika
Karolis Papeika Project Management and Quality
Specialized in project management, electrical engineering and quality assurance
Qitao Gan
Qitao Gan Software and Network
Specialized in software and system engineering, networks and quality engineering
Trude Stupkin
Trude Stupkin Marketing and Finance
Specialized in marketing, finance and documentation control
Bruce Davidson
Bruce Davidson Business Analysis Expert
Specialized in Business and Process Analysis
Arnt Roald Kristoffersen
Arnt Roald Kristoffersen Computing Expert & Data Scientist
Specialized in GPU and parallel programming. Applied data science.
Dag Christian Nygård
Dag Christian Nygård Computing Expert & Data Scientist
Specialized in software project management and Applied Data Science
Scooter Head of Security
Specialized in customer relations, cross cultural communication and fetch